In the Works

The feedback we've been getting from you guys has been tremendous. So much so, you've inspired us to add to our collection of healing salves. Below are the new recipes we're currently developing.

Just like our other salves, the recipes will use all-natural ingredients. Detailed information and instructions will be provided with your test sample(s).

It's a collaborative process. 

Do you want to be a tester for us? Fill out the form below to let us know which one(s) you want to test out. We'll send you a free sample from our most recent test batch. In exchange, you can share your experience with us and help us perfect the recipe.

We respect your privacy. While your contact information is required for this program, it will be secure. It won't be shared or distributed. No spammy texts from us! 

Currently in the Works:

1. Arthritis / Joint Pain Relief Salve

2. Baby Bum / Diaper Rash Salve 

3. Vapor Chest Rub / Lung Salve