Discovery Kit — Original

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How to Use

✓ If you have any severe allergies, we encourage you to test our balm on a small inconspicuous area of your skin first.

✓ Use your fingers to scoop out a small amount of balm from the tin and gently rub onto the affected area.

✓ For external use only.

✓ The thinner the layer of balm, the quicker it's absorbed.

✓ For more serious ailments, apply a thicker layer of balm at night before bed.

✓ Reapply as frequently as desired. 

✓ Avoid direct contact with eyes.

✓ Tightly secure lid and store in a cool dry place.


✓ Pure Grapeseed Oil
✓ Organic Coconut Oil
✓ Pure Beeswax
✓ Vitamin E Oil
✓ Assorted Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils







All Skin Types

Full-Circle Impact

Full-Circle Impact

Bees are essential to our health and wellbeing. Without them, our food supply would be severely compromised. Therefore, we've committed to donating a percentage of our profits to the American Beekeeping Federation. They focus on supporting organizations that help grow the bee population and prevent their extinction.

By purchasing our products, together, we become part of the solution. We are grateful for you and our fellow worker bees.