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Welcome to Wellness

Makers of All-Natural Therapeutic Skincare — Pure & Refined

We're on a mission to create therapeutic skincare products that nourish, comfort, and heal. Our family of all-natural healing balms, aromatherapy sanitizers, and artisan bath salts support your whole body — inside and out.

Together, let's continue to spread love to ourselves, to our body, to others, and to our precious planet.

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What is a Balm, and How it Helps Your Skin

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Customer Testimonial

I got sun-burned on my head, so I applied the First-Aid Balm a few times throughout the day. In the morning the redness was gone and there was no peeling. I was shocked. I'll take this salve over aloe any day!


Sourced from Nature.
Made with love.

We believe that what you put ON your body is just as important as what you put IN your body. Learn about our ingredients and why they're ideal for healing your skin.

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